Yum Cha selection 31 pce

Yum Cha selection 31 pce

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This set contains all our Yum Cha food items.

The food:

4 Zhongzi, 3 Chunjuan, 3 Shaomai, 3 Baozi, 3 Tangsanjiao, 3 Mantou, 3 Green/White Jiaozi and 3 each Pink, Pumpkin and Green Jiaozi.

Originally Yum Cha is a range of small food items, steamed, fried or deep fried!


They are made for us in Nepal by our team of talented Artisans. Perfect for little hands to hold, you will love their stunning quality. 

Please note: small differences in colour, shape and decoration are an integral part of hand made products.

Wool cleaning instructions apply for cleaning.