Strawberries and Cream Playdough -limited release

Strawberries and Cream Playdough -limited release

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 200g jar 

Scented with a natural strawberries and cream scent. Coloured with natural plant based food colours and made using all natural ingredients. 

The glitter is a custom mix of a plant-based biodegradable glitter, from the glitter tribe. Glitter in playdough tends to stay in the playdough and not throughout your house! Amazing!

Due to the natural, plant based pigments in the colours, some playdough may fade with time and colours may vary slightly from those you see on screen. Supervision is required at all times.

Not suitable for individuals who have a tendency to place inedible objects in their mouth. Playdough is not a food no not to be eaten regardless that it is non toxic and most ingredients are food grade.